Health & Safety Policy

It is our policy to perform work, without making unacceptable health and safety risks to anyone involved.

In order for this policy of promoting safety and preventing workplace accidents, to work, we:

  • Accept the notion that the causes of accidents are controllable.
  • Believe that accidental personal injuries can be reduced.
  • Understand that accident prevention must continue to be an important part of our business operations.
  • Will comply with the ontario occupational health and safety act and applicable regulations and we accept these statutes as only a minimum standard.
  • Will provide a detailed accident prevention program for all employees.
  • Will continue to accept safety as a factor in management, supervisory and employee performance.
  • Will make available to authorized persons, data on personal injuries and lost time.
  • Will continue to promote and supply appropriate safety training.
  • Will ensure all equipment, material and other assets are safe.
  • All our men have been trained in whimis by the local union.

Every employee is encouraged and expected to abide to the spirit and letter of this policy.